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In 1976, the Sand Dollar Blues Bar opened its doors, and almost instantly became one of Las Vegas’ most iconic bars. Some of the greatest blues legends, as well as many other famous musicians graced the stage for over 30 years. People like Muddy Waters, B.B. King, and even Mick Jagger would swing into the Sand Dollar when they were in Vegas.

In 2007, the Sand Dollar closed it’s doors, but the ghosts in the bar would not die. It was resurrected in 2009, the spirit of live music in Las Vegas unwilling to fade away.

Honoring the tradition and history of the iconic Las Vegas venue, it is now The Sand Dollar Lounge.

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**We would like to say inspired by, but it’s more accurate to say stolen from Death & Co.

We love cocktails as much as anyone, but sometimes a shot and a beer is what’s needed after work.  Every city has its combination of choice, these are some of our favorites.

(Whisky that is an oak barrel-aged distilled in Canada using the nest ingredients. Before bottling, Hood River Distillers add glacier-fed springwater from Mt. Hood)



While you hatch your plan for world domination, you should be sipping on one of these.

(fancy rocks glass and giant ice cube included)

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